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Shiatsu is a healing system that originated in China and is one of the oldest healing systems known to man. Although shiatsu was educated only in specialized clinics in Japan before 1940, there's a very limited quantity of information for the healing system. This has caused many authors replacing shiatsu with other alternative treatment to apply on the subject. One such author has created a wealth of information I have found to be quite valuable in learning about the healing of the body and mind.

Shiatsu is considered to have been derived from acupuncture that originated thousands or hundreds of years ago. In ancient Chinese medication, acupuncture was used to deal with all kinds of ailments including pain and illness. Acupressure applied to the body through the palms of their hands or feet, was thought to have beneficial effects on the mind and the body. It had been used to treat several ailments such as fevers, indigestion, urinary difficulties, headaches, insomnia, bad breath and more. It's believed to have been developed as an alternative to western medicine when the mainstream methods were thought to be ineffective.

The most commonly referred to the difference between Western and Chinese medicine is the location of application of acupressure physically. The location referred to is the Shiatsu stage or meridian. Western medicine uses the five meridians, while Chinese medicine applies the five Shiatsu points. These are located in the wrist, hands, legs, shoulders, elbows, hips and pelvis. Applying acupressure in the correct place or management will provide beneficial outcomes.

Another of the significant differences between both of these therapeutic styles is in the form of the pressure or direction of application of acupressure and massage. Western medicine uses light, upward pressure on the pressure points. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, places greater emphasis on using downward pressure along the meridians of one's body. These differences are thought to result in the subsequent differences in the efficacy of the treatments. Traditional Chinese medicine tends to deal with a problem by identifying the issue with one of the five traditional body parts and then working to correct the condition or treating the imbalance.

One of the differences between the two is found in the efficacy of using acupressure to treat a particular illness or to attain a condition of well-being. In Chinese medicine, illness or disease is treated holistically. The treatment consists of physical, mental and psychological aspects. When the meridians are unbalanced, the result is the improper function of the organs. This causes the body to suffer from ill effects such as weak digestion, lack of energy, lack of mental clarity, lack of sleep and so on. While Western medicine works to treat a specific ailment or to achieve an improvement in the patient's condition, acupuncture works by addressing the entire person's whole being.

Therefore, in order to understand whether acupressure is effective or not, it's important to conduct systematic reviews and to evaluate the different studies that have been done. A good reference includes acupressure studies that have been done on adults and children. But when looking at the systematic reviews of acupuncture, it is necessary to look at whether the research looked at adults or kids. For children, it is important to find references included in meta-analyses and reviews on acupuncture for ADHD.

Needless to say, other kinds of acupressure are very popular. In order to understand whether these techniques are successful, it is necessary to compare one manual to another. For example, Western medicine tends to look only in Western techniques and therefore might not include techniques like Reiki. It's important to research all available techniques so as to make the best decision.

There are two chief differences between Shiatsu and Moxibustion. The first difference refers to the location of application of this technique. Shiatsu can be applied anywhere on the body while Moxibustion can only be done on particular pieces. In addition, Moxibustion uses a greater level of manual pressure than does Shiatsu. Of course, the degree of pressure used can be adjusted in accordance with the needs of the patient.

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