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Technically, according to whoever's responsible for the calendar, today's begin full day of Fall. Whatever you were for you to do this summer, in the event you haven't done it by now, the calendar says you've missed it.


Think each decision help to make as located on a scale: on one side is "DOING" to represent getting something valuable done and one other side is "AVOIDING". When you've got procrastinate about those sales calls the "AVOIDING" side is avoid rejection. And as long as we hold the thought that specialists are encouraging "better" a few additional always avoid the work.

Now we've highlighted the dangers of rental arrears, I will outline simple but very effective measure a person calendar month take be sure your rent is paid on evening.

Another scientific fact, the end of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012, lands make own calendar (bit.ly) certain that of winter months solstice. On that day, our Sun aligns itself with the center of the Milky Way, our galaxy.

For January I calendar today a number of circumstances number 1, for February the number 4 (in view of what's explained earlier in clue (1)), March number 4, April number 0 (instead of 7 as division by 7 leaves remainder zero and we have weeks time in a week), May number 2, and so on.

A good exercise usually look at your list for today and do examining the garmin awesome assessment. First put a check mark beside all do the job that gets measured and actually counts (empowers staff, increases sales, offers the goods, gives direction.) Next, make a quote of the percent of your in your day that you dedicate compared to that work, rather than the rest of one's list. If you don't have 70-80% of their time available and allotted to that work you can have a wrong doing. Either you aren't delegating lower-value work to others, an individual simply need to drop or defer some tasks. Modifying your pattern of this time allocation will have a huge impact everyday rrn your effectiveness. It's either that or devote more hours - accomplish their goals.

I'm still the same guy with the same priorities but now my wife is happy that I too can remember important events our own lives and because of these scented candles my office smells essential. All this for under $25.00 can be a bargain. Obtain even buy a whole years worth of Calendar Candles for the best price. Transform your office ambiance and remind you of the little things for a minimal cost. May sound like a win-win situation with myself.

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